Fairfield at Boca Homeowners Association -

Management Information

Kerri Brooks, LCAM -        
Community Manager
On-site Office (561) 368-5738
Residential Management Concepts, Inc., 954-426-0151 (Main Office)
Office Assistants:
Dawn Bedusa
Ashley Grieco

Court Homes I: 
Property Manager: Mickey Mansfield, 561-394-6921
Community Spotlight & News
Club House Pool

All residents are welcomed to enjoy the beautiful club house pool.
For your safety, some of our pool rules are as follows:
No children under 12 are permitted without an adult.
No running in pool or spa area.
No riding toys (bikes, skateboards, etc) permitted at pool area.
No animals are permitted at pool area.
All food and drinks are restricted to the upper deck only.
Absolutely NO alcohol in pool area.
Absolutely NO smoking in pool area.
All other rules can be found: Fairfield Rules and Regulations


At all pools, new NO SMOKING signs have been installed.

Hurricane Season Begins!


Hurricane Season Begins June 1 - November 30th

-Always keep an emergency kit stocked and ready. -Make sure to have a full tank of gas in your car.-Make sure to have cash. -Invest in a generator.-Make sure you have hurricane shutters and that they are ready to use. -Know your closest emergency shelter and evacuation routes.

Pet Rules
Carriage Houses - One (1) domestic household pet under 50 lbs. that have been approved by the HOA.  Renters are not allowed pets.
Court Homes I - please contact Palm Beach Management (561) 394-6924
Court Home II - Domestic household pets only. 2 maximum
Court Homes III - Domestic household pets only. 2 maximu
Court Homes IV - Domestic household pets only. 2 maximum
Grand Fairfield -One (1) domestic household pet. Renters are not allowed pets
TownHomes I - Domestic household pets only. 2 max Renters are not allowed pets.
TownHomes II - Domestic household pets only. 2 maximum
8th Street - Domestic household pets only. 2 maximum
All other rules can be found: Fairfield Rules and Regulations 

Trash & Recycle Pickup
Trash must be properly tied, sealed, and placed in a trash bin.
For your convenience, trash is picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Recycling is picked up on Tuesdays, Vegetation and Bulk can be picked up on Fridays.
Trash is not to be put out prior to sundown the day prior to a scheduled pick up.
Trash must be properly stored away immediately after pickup to avoid being tagged, leading to a violation.
All trash must be contained in such a way that it cannot blow throughout the neighborhood.
All other rules can be found:

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